DOGGIE ADVENTURE is the world’s 1st Made-For-Dog video. 
Shot from 2 feet above the ground, the movie is a “day in the life ” of a dog as seen thru the eyes of a dog.
The doggie goes on an adventure after he runs away from his owner. Doggie travels to a farm, goes to the Vet’s, chases ducks in the park, meets strange people, visits a zoo and many other adventures. The 25 minute video is exciting and many dogs will be glued to the tube as they watch and hear the activities. Children from the ages of 4 thru 12 also enjoy the movie as it teaches empathy for the animal. Teachers around the country have it in their classrooms. 
At home, the kids watch it 
over and over again.

*Spanish subtitles

*Director’s Commentary

*Trivia game

*Music only tracks

*Doggie in the News on TV

*Switch between location sound and finished soundtrack

and more


Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Stern Magazine, Video Magazine, Listen Magazine, Pets Magazine, Insight Magazine, D&B Reports Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and many more.


Winner of a Bronze and Silver medal in the New York International Film Festival

Honorable mention in the American Film and Video Festival